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Why the passage of the divorce bill will help Filipino women

The absolute divorce bill hopes to protect all women stuck in loveless, abusive, and dysfunctional marriages, and provide an accessible way out.

The day that Maritina* decided she wanted to leave her husband, she knew she wanted a clean break. They were married for a little more than a decade, and in that time she had discovered his text messages to other women, uncovered lies, and found mounts of credit card debt he left in her name. Maritina wanted to be free. “I knew if there ever was a time to leave him, it was then,” she says of that moment. “If I left him then, I could still salvage and rebuild the rest of my life.”
In the Philippines, the only country in the world besides the Vatican City where divorce is prohibited, there are only two options for separation. One is legal separation, and the other is a declaration of nullity or a legal annulment.

Read the full story on CNN Philippines.


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