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Adulting is Hard

I’ve come to learn that adulting doesn’t mean choosing Netflix over drinks on a Friday night — but acknowledging that we live in an environment that can be quite unkind, and learning how to accept and maneuver your way through it

But I have learned that adulting is not so much a surrendering of youth; it’s facing the cold, harsh realities of the real world: acknowledging that the environment we live in is filled with corruption, philandering and self-interest, and accepting all this and maneuvering your way through nonetheless. It’s coming to realize that the world is not always nice. That it’s not always fair. That people are driven mostly by what will benefit themselves. That humanity can be, quite surprisingly, malicious.
And also that if you are able to just accept the clusterf*ck that is humanity, if you are able to be smart about your strategy, all while maintaining a sense of sanity… now, that’s adulting. And it’s hard.

Originally published on The Philippine Star.

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